Meat Market 3 - £8

From Director
Brian Clemment
A young couple attempt to reach a rescue station when the dead return to life seeking sustenance............. low on food, water and deprived of sleep their grasp on sanity begins to slip away.
Fighting not only with the re-animated dead but with their own minds and bodies, hallucinating and slipping in and out of consciousness in their last desperate efforts to survive...…

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DVD-9 Anamorphic Widescreen

Bronwyn Lee
Mike Hordy
Debra Easton
Chuck Depape

Region Free NTSC
Running Time Approx 80 mins

Dead Clowns - £8

As a hurricane approaches the small coastal town of Port Emmett, a varied group of residents are visited by a horror that could not be denied. Fifty years ago a bridge collapsed plunging a circus train into the dark water below. The clown car was never recovered. In “sins of the father” tradition, zombie clowns emerge from the bay and exact revenge on descendants of those who left them buried under the silt and mud for over half a century.
The town is populated by a host of characters, including a drug addict night watchman, a handicapped teen, a city councilwoman, and two spree killers who drift in with the storm.
There’s also a woman who has come back to her childhood home fifty years to the day her father caused the circus train accident in the first place. As night falls and the storm intensifies, zombie clowns emerge from the depths of the bay to roam the evening hungry for revenge………..and just plain hungry.
The movie builds to a terrifying finish, and has a “feast of the clowns” sequence you won’t soon forget.

This is the FULL UNCUT version LONGER than the Lionsgate US version.

Stars  Debbie Rochon, Lucien Eissach, Jeff Dylan Graham & Eric Spudic
Insaniac - £4

A deranged young woman with amnesia is hynoptised so that she may explore her own mind. Whilst trying to recover lost memories, she discovers that her mind is a nightmare landscape of violence and horror...

Bloodletting UNCUT - £4
Copyright © 1999-2010 Cryptkeeper Films. All Rights Reserved.
Serena Stalin (Albright) wanted to learn from the best. So she tracked down Butch Harlow (Edwards), one of the wold's most notorious serial killers, and blackmailed him into teaching her the fine art of murder. As the lessons begin, teacher and student leaving a trail of horribly mutilated victims in their wake, the couple are about to uncover the terible secrets that bind them together, the unspeakable passion that compells them to kill again and again...
Hardcore Poisoned Eyes - £6
Angelique (Christine Gallo), Sarah (Wendy Allyn) and Ellie (Jessica Hester) head for a secluded cabin in upstate New York for a weekend getaway. Sarah and Ellie make plans to party the night away with the assistance of countless beers, but Angelique is focused on uncovering evidence of a connection between her grandfather's death (the cabin's late owner) and a satanic cult. That night Sarah will make a deadly mistake in her drunken state. What follows is an overwhelming atmosphere of dread and desperation as the girls are forced to deal with an unspeakable satanic horror!
Nikos the Impaler - £6
All of Romania feared Nikos, a bloodthirsty barbarian and cannibal, murderer of many. But one moonlit night, a courageous few with torches clutched in their hands put the ungodly monster to an end. Yet, with his dying words, the maniacal Nikos claimed not even death would stop him! Centuries later he resurfaces in Manhattan!
Zombie Night (Full Uncut Version) - £8
A family return from their holiday to find that the effects of biological warfare have turned living creatures into zombies. The family joins other survivors to find sanctuary. As night falls, the survivors have as much to fear from each other as they do from the horror awaiting them.
Southern Gothic (Full Uncut Version) - £8

Jeff Dylan Graham (Dead & Rotting) stars as Frank Griffin, a New Orleans ghost hunter called in to investigate the Baxter's haunted antebellum mansion. With friend Curt (Lucien Eisenach) checking into the haunting's background, Griffin explores the locale using the latest in paranormal equipment. And Griffin will soon find he doesn't stand a ghost of a chance………...

Jeff Dylan Graham,

Denman Powers,

Elizabeth North

& Lucien Eisenach

Bonus Feature

Horror Short: Have you seen me?


DeadHunter - Sevillian Zombies - £8
The construction project on the subway system in the Spanish city of Sevilla had to be close more than 20 years ago. Many workers died and were buried alive for unknown reasons. But now the construction has begun and those poor victims are reanimated again as zombies, arising from the underground to invade the city and consume the citizens of Sevilla. As the death toll mounts and all hope appears lost, the last chance to save the city arrives in the form of a special operations group called the Deadhunters. If they can't stop the bloodbath, they'll certainly die trying. From opening scene till final fade, the Deadhunters will hunt the undead, sometimes with horrible consequences. When the zombies' hiding place is finally discovered, the Deadhunters will bravely cross that undead Rubicon and confront evil face to face.
Cadaver Bay (Full Uncut Version) - £6
In her desperation to resurrect her dead sister with an old book of magic, Diane accidentally kills a man; when the spell doesn't bring him back the only solution seems to be disposing of the body. But after her husband Lane cuts him up with the intention of tossing his various pieces into the bay, the spell begins to kick in. If dealing with the dead was difficult, contending with pieces of the dead is something else entirely...
The Undertow (Full Uncut Version) - £6
Six friends enter the strange town of Old Mines for a weekend float trip. They quickly realize that the town is not friendly to strangers, and they are pressured to leave by the police. When the friends decide to continue their float trip anyway, terrifying secrets of the town surface. A seven-foot-tall deformed maniac, known by the townsfolk as The Boy is kept under lock and key by the town's mayor. The Boy's purpose is simple: kill outsiders. The Mayor of Old Mines releases The Boy and the maniac's hunt begins. One by one, the campers on their float trip are ripped to gory shreds by the enraged, deformed, hulking Boy. But there is great mystery to the Boy. Who is his father? Who is his mother? How did he become so dangerous? In the end, the answers to these questions will put the entire town of Old Mines in danger. The Boy is an unstoppable killing machine, and anyone in his path won't be in one piece for long!
Killbillies (Full Uncut Version) - £6

When a feud is declared between rival  families the Mcoys and the Lowborns, Pa Mcoy sends out his morally challenged sons Raymond and Boy to exterminate, defecate and impregnate any object htat stands in the path of their retarded mission. On the way they encounter zombies, aliens, children of the dead and other things best left unsaid.
The KillBilles is an inbred, backwood, pysychotronic journey into the boondocks of the mind.
...Have taste!

Region 0
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Meat Market 3
Dead Clowns
Southern Gothic
Bloodletting UNCUT
Hardcore Poisoned Eyes
Nikos the Impaler
Zombie Night (Full Uncut Version)
DeadHunter - Sevillian Zombies
Cadaver Bay (Full Uncut Version)
Killbillies (Full Uncut Version)
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Aerobicide - £5
Beautiful young women with gorgeous figures, handsome muscle-bound young men, aerobics classes, weight rooms, tanning booths, saunas, locker rooms and juice bar. All the things one might expect to find in a modern, Southern Californian health spa. This one in particular, however, is slightly different in nature. Its members are not only exercising for a better life: they’re dying for it....
Mausoleum - £5
Susan (Bobby Bresee) was ten when her mother died. Now thirty, passionate and beautiful, she is heiress to the family fortune. But for the women of the Nomed family there is another legacy - an ancient and terrible curse.

Possessed by powers she cannot control, Susans life becomes a nightmare of lust, terror and murder until even her husband finds himself confronting the face of hell. Susans only salvation lies within the Mausoleum... but dare she return?
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